Page One

We open on the rooftops, a lone rifleman climbing the watertower, muttering to himself.

The gunman is deranged.  Panel 4 finds the viewer behind his shoulder, looking down on the city.


Page Two

The rifle’s bolt is Clicked, the target is sighted, We see a close up on the gunman’s eyes, and he fires

Page Three

The gunman, having done the deed, is suddenly steeped in reality.  His target is collapsed, life draining away.  The cyclopian entorauge gathers around, and the light blue Sgt. testifies that he saw where the shot came from.  The rifleman takes flight

currentevents03Page Four

As the gunman bounds down the rooftops he is increasingly observed by homebound citizens.  The light blue Sgt. sees his quarry, and takes off after him, enlisting the Private Eye to join in pursuit.  They hop fences and run past gas stations.

Page Five

Vigilant citizens harass the fleeing gunman.  He misjudges a jump and tumbles into an awning, crashing to the ground.


Page Six

The Sgt. and Private Eye continue their pursuit up a winding staircase and out onto a rooftop ledge, where they see the trail of destruction the gunman has left.  Meanwhile, the gunman has twisted his ankle, and probably broken it.

Page Seven

The Sgt. draws his firearm and jumps down, hot on the trail of his enemy.  The Private Eye begins expressing his lack of enthusiasm.  As the Sgt. rounds a corner he comes into view of the crippled gunman, who wastes no time in shooting the Sgt down.


Page Eight

A thourougly wounded Sgt. drops to his knee and is unable to support his body’s weight.  The Private Eye drags him out of the firing line back behind cover.  The Sgt. tells the P.I. to go git im but the P.I. says something like: ” Ummm…I dont know bout all that”