The most popular program in the world of the Cyclops is the

TV N Cigarette Hour(working title).

The brash duo makes their way through a contentious world, all the while entertaining the viewership.

It doesnt stop here though, oh no. In the cyclops city there are a great deal of actual, real-life walking televisions, damn near identical to those on the TV N Cigarette Hour.

So, youve got walking TVees broadcasting a program starring walking TVees.

tvretteThe walking televisions are a sort of 2 way mirror, monitoring devices for an ever observant government.

The Tvees wander the streets, or can be chained up in homes, due to their restless nature. They’re a national craze, these televisions, and they’re as loved as they are hated.

tveee1Different models have different personalities, and the sluggish, lazy sets are by far the most popular. Prone to sitting in place for lengths of time the lazy sets can be found in many homes.

airportnapsThis doesnt mean that all televisions are mobile, oh no. Why, just look at this bank of stationary sets here at the airport, happily blaring away the Number One show in the country.

watchin-tvBut the discerning citizen prefers the mobiles.
Many folks treat their sets as family, often buying one for the kids in the happy confidence that their children will have a constant companion, a beacon of entertainment for years to come.

2866046960_1ae1a86eac_oThe dark sign of the coin in this equation are the feral units, the deranged, misfiring malfunctionors. Prone to violence and mischief, these menacing malformations have been known to wreak havoc. In certain circles theories abound that there are manufacturers who build sets such as these intentionally, adding illegal arms and other appendages ….for mysterious, sinister purpose.