Ever since that MOCCA Ive been kicking around new material, new charecters…still to live in the October Mosquito World, but who might got a little more sense of humor.  

One of the notes I got came from the one of the folks at the Cestbon table.  They wanted to see more graphic pictures, more line work, more black and white stuff.  

Silo2Which I’d been playing around with, but hadnt ever settled into.  I was toying with doing a whole comic in silhouette, but never quite got around to it.

Silo5So that stuff had been sitting on the shelf, limp bodies with no souls, hollow husks awaiting the lightning spark of life.  

So I tried to connect that world with a world i already knew, and I brought in the walking Tvees.  

TvonTvTried to give them a voice, a lil personality.  Theres a couple more comics more in the vein of the one below over at the website

Digitalis02But that plot ran thin, that well ran dry too soon, too soon.  

So its onto the next, the new shift, the next chapter of OCT MOSQ: